Learn more about carpet cleaning brushes

Carpet cleaning brushes are designed and produced in several different groups according to customers’ orders and needs:

  1. All kinds of cylindrical industrial brushes that are provided to customers in checkered, twilled, parallel twilled, continuous twilled, left spiral and right spiral (spiral) designs.
  2. All kinds of disc brushes (round) which are produced in different dimensions from 20 cm to 70 cm and in terms of design and tuft are produced in full checkerboard and three-segment, four-segment, six-segment and eight-segment segment.
  3. Flat brushes that are produced in full checkerboard and twill checkerboard types.

The high sensitivity and importance of carpet cleaning brushes prompted the Pars Brush production group to produce these brushes with many capabilities and sufficient strength to increase the quality of washing and maintain the durability and long life of the brush. The satisfaction of customers in different cities of the country is a confirmation of this claim.

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