About us

Pars Polish Industrial Group (Bars of Pasargad Industry) is one of the limited factories producing industrial brushes in the country, which, using advanced technology, production lines and skilled and experienced personnel, has been able to produce a product that compete with foreign analogies and will require Iran’s dear country Import of industrial brushes and export to neighboring countries and even Europe is one of the achievements of this company.

The Pasargad Briss Co. was established in 1995 and started operating in 1996 and now it is located in an area of 3500 square meters in the industrial city of Anjira, Pars region and 60 km in Shiraz, Isfahan.
The company plans to build a second phase of the plant in Tehran, in order to facilitate easy access to the entire industry.


Our statistics !؟

110+Variety in product production
89%+customer satisfaction
97%+Product quality assurance
1000+قرارداد های موفق

Pars Polish Industrial Group


Cylindrical or roller brushes are an important type of our products that have the most needs of industrialists, these brushes are produced in different designs and dimensions according to the order, needs of customers and the opinion of the company's experts, and then they are sold to the market.

The great variety in this type of brush has caused it to be divided into different groups, which include the following:

paper making

gold making


automobile industry

leather manufacturing

Dairy industry

Revitalization of deep wells

Shipping and fishing industry

Home appliance machines

Printing and packaging industry

Ceramic tile factory

agricultural machinery

Bakery machines

Electric wax machines

Livestock and poultry industries

Air and rail industries

Snow plows

Pharmaceutical industry