Carpet brush production

Carpet brushes are designed and manufactured in different models according to the order and needs of customers. Pars Brush Industrial Group produces these brushes with high quality and sufficient strength.

Steel industry brushes

By producing a variety of high quality products, the complex is an important step in gaining confidence in the steel industry brush industry and has been able to produce the brushes it needs.

Derby brush production

One of the most practical tools to prevent dust from entering dust, insects and rodents into the buildings is the brush under the derby that is produced in the customer's desired dimensions.

Wood brushes

Pars Brush Industrial Group has recently unveiled an important product called wood and MDF industries by producing a variety of brushes and meeting the basic need of many domestic industries.

Parsbrush Industrial Group

Pars Polish Industrial Group (Industrial Brush) is one of the large largest industrial brush factories in the country with the use of advanced technology,
Production lines and experts have been able to produce a product that competes with the foreign similar and the dear Iranian homeland.
It is an industrial brushes import and exports to neighboring countries and even Europe are among the company's achievements.

about us

Construction is the process of building a building or infrastructure. Construction varies from production. Production usually includes mass production of similar items without the buyer, while construction is usually known to the customer. Construction as an industry comprises six to nine percent of the GDP of developed countries. Construction begins with planning, design and finances; And it continues until the project is built and ready for use.

Using advanced technology in Pars Polish Industrial Group

Pars Bress Company was founded in 1995 and was put into operation in 1995
It is currently located on a land of 3500 square meters in the Anirah Industrial City in Parseh area and 60 kilometers of Shiraz road in Isfahan.

Application of products

steel Industries

Appliance machinery

agricultural machinery

Ceramic tile factory